[…] It’s all a matter of perspective: what we consider normal, weird, or just plain crazy. I grew up on a tropical island eating mangos, coconuts and avocados the way most Americans eat apples, bananas and strawberries. My fondest memories are of dashing to the school canteen during recess, and handing over my two pesos to the lady behind the fold-out table. She would cut up fresh avocados, scoop in ice, and add water and sugar (although, condensed milk is the way to go at home!). The blender whirred everything into a creamy concoction, which was then poured into cheap plastic cups–a cold, sweet treat to cool us off in the sweltering heat. And so I have always associated avocados with dessert. It was a bit jarring when I met someone years ago in New York who was taken aback by the thought of avocados in something sweet. For her, avocados were savory; something to be added to salads or mashed up into guacamole. […]